Washroom Services

We appreciate that washrooms require more than just cleaning. We ensure that all washrooms are safe, clean and hygienic through daily cleaning and rigorous deep cleans so that your washroom environment is the best it can be. 

We  supply the means to make your washrooms the envy of all others, with products including antibacterial hand sanitisers, air fresheners, odour eliminators and disposable toilet seat covers.


Office Disinfection

Office Services

Jan-Dan Custodial is able to disinfect all size and kinds of offices, so please get in contact with us today and find out about how we  maybe able to support you.

Warehouse Services

Jan-Dan is highly experienced in the industrial & manufacturing markets and able to ensure a clean, safe, and healthy environment for your employees. We can design a customized disinfection program to fit the needs of any facility.

Retail Services

Our professional disinfecting and support services know how to work effectively and discreetly, meeting the specific requirements and standards of each retail client to help keep up with the ever changing needs of the consumer in a market which is constantly in flux.

Need Help With DISINFECTION Solutions? We Are Experts!