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We want to make sure that our services are always carried out precisely. That’s why we provide a customized and tailored janitorial proposal that meet the specific needs for each facility. Contact us for more details right away!

Serving all of Edmonton and the surrounding areas, Jan-Dan is the leader in janitorial services.

At Jan-Dan Custodial Services Edmonton we provide cleaning services to a wide variety of businesses and residential buildings. Our range of expertise extends to janitorial services for schools, warehouses, and industrial facilities. We also provide commercial cleaning and office cleaning to businesses in the Edmonton area. Multi-unit residential buildings are common locations that we provide services to on a regular basis. The scope of our reach extends all across the greater Edmonton area. Contact Jan-Dan Custodial Services Edmonton today and allow us to take the responsibility of cleaning your business or large multi-unit residence anywhere in the Edmonton region. Our reputation for being a trusted and reliable janitorial service has been built over 25 years of providing exceptional service by experienced and knowledgeable staff.


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Commercial Cleaning

JAN-DAN CUSTODIAL believes that image is everything. We know and understand how crucial a well-maintained facility is to both your business success and our reputation. We welcome the opportunity to add your company to our list of satisfied clients.

Professional Industrial & Manufacturing

Our cleaning company offers a wide range of services related to cleaning of various types of facilities, including cleaning of industrial plants and warehouses. We easily adapt to the needs of our customers, regardless of the type of cleaning surface and the size of the facility.

Flexibility and commitment enable us to provide high-quality cleaning services tailored to each client individually. We always adapt the cleaning technology to a specific surface. That is why we use only professional equipment and chemicals. We take into consideration all health and safety regulations and clean manufacturing facilities in accordance with customer requirements and the company’s working schedule.

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning services in Edmonton are very often left to outside contractors like Jan-Dan Custodial Services & Office Cleaning Edmonton. These outside options allow businesses and large properties to remain clean and presentable to clients while focusing employees on business the appearance of the office. These professional office cleaning services include general and routine duties that are required on a regular basis. There is no need to burden employees with office cleaning. Instead, bring in professional janitorial services in Edmonton so your team can focus on important matters.

Post Construction

If you are searching for the best post construction cleaning services in Edmonton, you’ve come to the right place. The final clean at the end of a every construction project is the cherry on top. We provide a high quality clean-up for construction dust, debris, spills, tire marks and more that’s perfect for new builds and renovations.

Jan-Dan Janitorial provides highly customizable assistance to its clients when it comes to construction cleaning. We  keep in touch with our customers and develop best construction clean-up strategies by prioritizing our clients’ needs. Our services are highly flexible as we provide 24/7 constant help as not to interfere with our customers daily operations . We also take care of all safety concerns as our team is fully trained and fully compliant with provincial Health And Safety , COR certified and fully insured.


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